McDonald’s Ever-Changing Customization Plans

In the latest of a series of customization reversals, McDonald’s launched “Taste Crafted” burgers in over 600 Southern California restaurants in December. The move comes barely two months after the company announced it would retool and rename the program “Chef Crafted” because “the original name ‘TasteCrafted’ did not resonate with consumers.”

Both Taste Crafted and Chef Crafted offer consumers a limited selection of buns, toppings and proteins to mix and match. In late September the company said it would test “Chef Crafted” in 200 stores while “a few locations” would still offer Taste Crafted.

The fate of McDonald’s more ambitious burger customization scheme, “Create Your Taste,” is unclear. It offers dozens of ingredients and hundreds of combinations of bun, meat and toppings, ordered on a kiosk screen and delivered to the table. McDonald’s has implemented Create Your Taste throughout Australia and had announced plans to introduce it in up to 2,000 U.S. stores in 2015. Many franchisees balked at the $125,000 price tag and additional operational complexity of Create Your Taste. McDonald’s backed off the goal of 2,000 Create Your Taste locations, saying that “we’re not going to set a specific number in the U.S. to roll it out.”

Meanwhile, Burger Business reports that McDonald’s “has added “Signature Crafted” to its portfolio of available terms for upscale burgers,” filing a trademark registration for the phrase on December 9, 2015.

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